Private Instagram Viewer

Insta stalkers can be an unavoidable nuisance for anyone with a public Instagram account. They can lurk on your page without following you or liking any of your posts. But unless they watch your story, you’ll never know they were there.

This can be concerning for several reasons. And while the most straightforward solution is just to make your account private, this isn’t always ideal or even possible. Influencers and business owners, for example, might avoid making their accounts private to ensure they get increased engagement and brand awareness.

But everyone may occasionally stalk others on Instagram without following them, and it’s rarely done with bad intentions or results in harm against the person you’re stalking. But this might lead you to wonder who exactly is stalking your Private Instagram Account.

How to Spy Who Viewed My Instagram

View my Instagram

Profile Instagram doesn’t make this information publicly available. Not to anyone. So don’t fall for any third-party apps or sites that claim they’ll provide this service. Any of the apps out there that are boasting this ability are more than likely scams that intend to access your data with your explicit permission.

When you install these apps, they can scrape your data and often sell it or use it for more nefarious purposes. Many of the apps that are advertising the capabilities to allow you to see who stalks you on Instagram are not free.

So you’re better off saving your money and protecting your data by avoiding them altogether. Some more legitimate apps help you track your followers and will tell you if and when someone has unfollowed you. One of the primary benefits of these apps is letting you know who recently unfollowed you as well as who among the people you follow aren’t following you back.

They will also aggregate data that shows you which of your followers interact with your content the most and which of your posts perform the best. Some share historical data that rates your best-performing posts as well. There are a lot of these apps out there, and not all of them are created equal. Be sure to read the reviews for these third-party apps first, as some of them are far less reputable and reliable than others.

Also, it’s important to remember that these apps often aim to collect your data. So even if they’re free, there’s still potentially a cost when it comes to your overall data privacy.

How to Check Who Stalks My Instagram?


Though some apps will provide data similar to the Instagram Insights tool that business accounts can use, like those listed above, they won’t identify specific Insta stalkers that aren’t following you but are frequently viewing your content.

They can provide information about how many people are viewing your profile or specific posts, if you’ve lost or gained followers, and who follows you but doesn’t follow you back or vice versa. Sometimes, those apps offer a paid pro version that says they can drill down into the data and provide specifics, but they’re not legitimate.

They won’t be able to reveal the identity of an Instagram stalker or provide any insight into who specifically among your followers is viewing your content, primarily because the Instagram API doesn’t allow developers to access or disseminate that information.

Two websites help you to view private Instagram Profile without breaking any policy -

IGLookup -

Instalookup is a safe website to use. If you want to see anyone’s private photos and videos, then you can use this site. Instagram is one of the popular social media where people share photos, videos, and chitchat with family, friends, and colleagues but put the privacy to access it.

InstaLooker -

Instalooker has three key features, which make it unique from the rest. First, you don’t have to download it as an app as the provision isn’t there. This saves your time in getting the results on the given site. Secondly, you can spy on your Instagram profile very fast as it features a friendly view for you. Once you have the specific site on your server, then you can go ahead and search for your target.

Can You See Who Views Your Instagram?

Are you obsessively wondering Who viewed my Instagram? You might want to know who’s popping in to check out your content without ever following you. But since this isn’t a possibility, there are some other solutions to see who might be viewing your Instagram.

When it comes to your Instagram stories, the platform does show you exactly who watched your story, even if they don’t follow you. All you have to do to see this is click on your own story and in the bottom left, you’ll see a number and some small thumbnails of profile pics overlapping. These are the profiles of some of the people who’ve viewed your story.

If you click on those, it’ll expand to show the full list of Instagram users who watched your story. Of course, this only provides a limited scope as an Insta stalker would have to view your stories to be revealed. But it will illuminate a pattern of stalking if you see the same person that isn’t following you regularly viewing your stories. That’s a pretty good indicator that they’re checking in on your account with some frequency.

That being said, some apps and websites let people view Instagram stories on public accounts anonymously, so stealthy Insta stalkers might be flying completely under the radar. Aside from stories, though, Instagram won’t share with you the identities of anyone who is viewing your profile or your posts. If you want to prevent Instagram stalkers from seeing your content without following you, you can set your account to private.

For people who aren’t able to do so or just don’t want to, your only recourse if you fear you have an Instagram stalker is to block the person you suspect, and/or report them if they’re harassing you. If you’ve got an Instagram stalker that isn’t causing you any harm or being a bother, then aside from making your account private there’s nothing you can do about it.


Safety and privacy issues aside, unless you have real reasons to suspect that someone is stalking you it’s probably not anything you need to be concerned about. People stalk Instagram accounts out of mild to moderate curiosity, and rarely with intentions of harming.